Development & Education

Elizabeth Chifley Presbyterian Pre-School aims to provide a program that follows the Early Learning Framework which encourages each child to be actively included in the learning process, to experience a wide variety of developmentally appropriate activities and materials and to nurture and develop his/her own interests in the world around them.

All staff work as a team to plan activities for each child based on observations of his/her individual needs and interests

The daily program will provide a balance of experiences in the following areas;
– Indoor / outdoor
– Active / passive
– Individual, small and large group participation
– Use of small and large muscles
– Musical experiences – individual, observation, participation in a group
– Child initiated, staff initiated, teacher directed

Materials and equipment reflect the cultural diversity that exists in our society

Staff will provide a variety of developmentally appropriate experiences and materials that are selected to achieve the goals stated in the National Quality Standard, including the Early Years Learning framework.