Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We aim to put the Early Years learning framework into practice whereby the children learn through play-based learning where they organise and make sense of their world as they actively engage with people, objects and their environment.

We will develop the natural learning processes through discovery, challenge and play. Children will be given the time to be children. They will be learning by ‘doing’. Sensitive adult intervention will extend and consolidate learning experiences.

We aim to develop in each child’s independence and a sense of self-worth. Children will be given personal space. They will be encouranged to develop self-discipline.

Children will be encouraged to express emotions (including anger and frustration) and will be helped to deal with them in positive ways.

Children will be developing a respect for the needs of others, care of equipment, and concern for the environment.

Other aims include;

  • to help the child develop happily, emotionally and socially
  • to develop intellectual skills and sensory motor competencies
  • to promote language learning and development
  • to encourage creative expression
  • to develop gross motor and fine motor skills
  • to prepare the child to move easily into other environments

We strongly believe that parents and staff should work closely together to provide a solid foundation for the growth of each child.

Parents are warmly welcomed to our pre-school.